PBR Cannabis Seltzer: New THC-Infused Drink From Pabst Blue Ribbon

by Newsfeed

I think everyone assumed they’d see familiar brand names get into cannabis, it was just a question of when. If nothing has rung a bell so far, this one definitely will. 

Pabst Labs, a new company that is not the Pabst Brewing Company, is launching a Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis-Infused Seltzer. Yes, there is going to be a THC-infused PBR seltzer, which kind of makes a lot of sense. Though, it’s worth noting that this isn’t a Four Loko-esque situation. There is no alcohol in the lemon-flavored drink.

Pabst Labs was founded by what the announcement calls “cannabis beverage experts” as well as former Pabst Brewing Company employees who were granted the right to slap the PBR label on the 12-ounce cans. Each can contains 5mg of THC, making for a drink that’s intentionally not too strong.

“Pabst Blue Ribbon has an incredibly…

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