Psychedelic legislation must include drug decriminalization

by Newsfeed

Psychedelics reform is coming in hot, with key wins at the ballot box this month. Washington D.C. approved psychedelics decriminalization and Oregon approved both its psilocybin mushroom therapy model and broad drug decriminalization.

The cities of Oakland, Santa Cruz, Denver and Ann Arbor have also decriminalized psychedelics, and similar efforts are underway in over 100 other cities. Last week, California State Senator Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, announced that he will introduce a bill to decriminalize psychedelics in California’s next legislative session.

With Wiener’s announcement, Californians are about to learn why doctors, scientists, therapists and community activists are calling for safe access to psychedelics. Because of the state’s size and market heft, how we approach this will impact…

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