Research shows that problematic cannabis use is on the decline

by Newsfeed

Despite the fearmongering of the anti-marijuana crowd — some of whom have gone on to have lucrative careers in the COVID-denialism space — it looks like legalization has been a net positive when it comes to the detrimental effects of cannabis. According to a new study that just came out, marijuana treatment admissions have declined in states that have legalized the plant.

The new study, titled “Trends in Adolescent Treatment Admissions for Marijuana in the United States, 2008-2017,” found that “adolescent treatment admissions for marijuana declined in most of states. The mean annual admissions rate for all states declined over the study period by nearly half, from 60 (admissions per 10,000 adolescents) in 2008 to 31 in 2017.”

Furthermore, the authors noted that states with the “steepest level of…

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