Looking for a Father’s Day present for a style-conscious guy? Well, look no further. We’ve rounded up a fab selection of ‘smellies’ ready for June 20.

From cologne to candles, bath products to beard oil, these seductively scented selections are sure to impress…

Lush Outback Mate Soap & Dish Set

1. Lush Outback Mate Soap & Dish Set, £20

The perfect pick for eco-warrior dads, not only is this zesty lemongrass scented soap free from plastic packaging, the dish is made from 83% recycled materials, including reclaimed clay from the production of Lush’s Christmas collection. Now that’s what we call squeaky clean.

Crabtree Explore and Evelyn Explore Collection

2. Crabtree and Evelyn Explore and Energise Collection, £42

This chic skin-loving trio of face wash, body lotion and hand cream is fragranced…

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