Sports Podiatrist Foot Doctor in Chatswood Sydney CBD For Feet Pain Shin Splints

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Podiatry is Not Alternative Medicine Says Sydney Foot Doctor

With so-called “alternative medicine” rubbing shoulders with the real thing, it’s small wonder that the public is often uncertain as to which practitioners are real medical professionals, and which ones are offering “alternatives.” Dr. Mark Lin, a leading Sydney podiatrist, explains his medical specialisation and confirms that podiatry is a science in the truest sense of the word.

Extensive Study at Mainstream Universities Plus Government Accreditation

“A career in podiatry begins at University,” explains Dr Lin. “If you’re interested in this rewarding profession, you will first complete a Bachelor of Podiatry degree. After that, you can take it even further – all the way up to PhD level. My specialisation is Sports Podiatry, but I’m also…

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