Study: Boomers and Millennials Agree On Cannabis

by Newsfeed

In a world where the terse phrase “OK boomer” has become a part of the mainstream lexicon, and debt-riddled millennials are blamed for well – just about everything, the generations share some surprising similarities. A recent survey revealed that baby boomers and millennials are a lot alike in their consumption of greenery. I’m not referring to the strangely divisive avocado toast, but cannabis! 

Verilife, a dispensary operator owned by Chicago-based multistate marijuana operator, PharmaCann, surveyed 1,000 baby boomers and 1,000 millennials about their cannabis preferences. 

Although new and higher-tech ways to partake have come along; flower prevails for these generations. The old-fashioned way of lighting up a pipe, joint, or blunt is the preferred method for boomers and millennials…

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