Supply of filling and capping machinery to the CBD oil and Hemp Oil industry

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Shanghai Paixie popular Automatic Hemp CBD Oil glass dropper bottle filling machine project ( Free to get solution! )

Filling product: Hemp CBD oil.
Filling bottle type: Glass dropper bottles.
Filling size of bottles: 30-45ml. (can be customize)
Production speed: 25-30 bottles per minute. (adjustable)

Components Optional :
– Automatic bottle loading table ;
– Automatic 2 nozzles piston pump filling and capping integral machine;
– Bottle unloading table.

Main features:
1. Adopt 2 nozzles filling, efficient working and high production capacity, saving manpower.
2. The filling nozzles are Anti-drip designed , high filling accuracy ≦1g .
3. Special designed for glass dropper type bottles, more safe and higher accuracy for dropper inserting.
4. The machine adopt PLC and servo control system, the filling volume can be adjusted on the Human machine interface easily.
5. The material contacting parts are made of High quality stainless steel and food grade silicon tube, meeting GMP standard.

We are a manufacturer for various Automatic Liquid Bottling Filling Packing Machines.
We can customize the machines for different kinds of products, such as essential oil, CBD oil, perfume, etc.
If you want to create an automatic filling line, or increase the existing production capacity, welcome to contact us for more details!

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