Surprised By Strong Demand, Collinsville Marijuana Dispensary Finds A Quick Fix For Lack Of Parking

by Newsfeed

COLLINSVILLE — The first month of recreational marijuana sales at Illinois Supply and Provisions brought hoards of people and their vehicles to a store that didn’t have enough parking for them. 

The dispensary reserved its 45-space parking lot for medical patients. There was a maze of metal barriers constructed to contain the crowds wanting to buy recreational cannabis. 

“I continue to be amazed the lines are still there. This is the new normal,” said Kathleen Olivastro, Illinois Supply and Provisions regional director.

Technically, the dispensary meets the city’s zoning requirements for parking: four spots for every 1000 square feet of building, said Derek Jackson, Collinsville assistant city manager. But massive and consistent demand for legal cannabis caught city and dispensary officials by…

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