Sustainable biotech startup becomes Europe’s biggest medicinal mushroom supplier

by Newsfeed

The transparent and environmentally-conscious Finnish startup company KÄÄPÄ Biotech has quickly grown into the largest medicinal mushroom producer outside of Asia thanks to its high quality ingredients and innovative sustainable solution to mushroom foraging.

US-born CEO and co-founder of KÄÄPÄ, Eric Puro, followed a very ‘traditional’ career path, with an education in economics and business, working for a large corporate consultancy in Chicago for much of his twenties before he started looking to ‘feed his soul’ with a career focused on good.

“I wanted to do good and use my brain for a better purpose. I did everything from squatting in London, helping stop a forest from being cut down, building ecological houses, I started an international non-profit company called ‘The Push’ which helps people find places to…

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