Tabal Chocolate Creates Superfoods Packed with CBD

by Newsfeed

Simply wrapped chocolate bars stamped “Tabal Chocolate” have been on the shelves of food vendors all over Milwaukee for years now. The company has recently added cannabidiol (CBD) chocolate to its product line.

Operating from his brick-and-mortar store in the historic Wauwatosa Village, Tabal Chocolate’s founder, Dan Bieser, is well known by aficionados as one of the few bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the state. He has direct cacao beans suppliers in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Bolivia who harvest the pods, ferment the beans, then dry and ship them to Wisconsin. Tabal Chocolate work directly with the cacao beans to craft their products in-house.

“For us, it all starts with these high-quality beans,” Bieser explains. We sort through them, take out any of the…

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