The Secret Sacred Spring in West L.A. – Dispatches – Denise Hamilton

by Newsfeed

One of the last surviving Native American sacred springs in all of Los Angeles hides in plain sight.

To find it, you must journey to the Westside and travel down a traffic-clogged boulevard until you come to a nondescript alley overlooked by tall condo buildings and shrouded by mature trees. There you will see a high iron fence.

An elder will accompany you, or a caretaker entrusted with the key. There are several gates. Your key will unlock only one of them. Once you step across the threshold and the gate clangs shut behind you, you walk past a circle of sacred plants and a decaying reed dwelling. Follow the sound of running water and the swoop of butterflies, more species than you have seen since childhood. If it’s a hot day, let instinct guide you toward the cool shade….

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