Travis Barker Launches Vegan Cannabinoid Brand Barker Wellness Co.

by Newsfeed

Barker Wellness Co-logo-CBD-CBDToday
Logo: Barker Wellness Co.

LOS ANGELES – Founded by wellness advocate, legendary drummer, record producer, and songwriter Travis Barker; Barker Wellness provides ethically made cannabinoid-infused, THC-FREE, all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free products. Barker’s mission is to provide premium quality products that empower you to live each day at your best. Each mindfully developed product has been used by Travis and his family on a daily basis for their own wellness purposes.

“I started trying lots of different CBD products in my own daily routine and saw their benefits firsthand,” said Travis Barker, Founder of Barker Wellness. “So I decided to create my own ideal formulas and share them with anyone looking to improve their general health. While a lot of the traditional…

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