The perfect heist is the subject of many a great movie, but one of the biggest thefts in the art world took place for real more than 30 years ago. Unlike Hollywood’s versions, which tend to wrap up with a neat how-and-why explainer (thanks, Danny Ocean), this one remains a whodunnit, with the priceless haul still AWOL.

The gripping story behind the heist is the subject of a new Netflix documentary series, This Is A Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist, a re-examination of a true-crime event that happily isn’t focused on a gruesome murder.

It has all the best hallmarks of a classic of the genre – a wide-ranging series of interviews with people connected with the crime, leading us down several theories behind the event and allowing us to become armchair sleuths. But before you make up your own minds as to…

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