Wana Brands Launches in Missouri for Medical Marijuana Patients

by Newsfeed

Missouri’s medical marijuana patients now have access to Wana Brands’ potent and effective Sour Gummies, available in a range of ratios designed to meet different needs. Wana products available through Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries include Mango Sativa, Blueberry Indica and Watermelon Hybrid, all of which provide 10 mg servings in a 100 mg package. 

“Missouri patients have long waited for access to trusted and regulated cannabis-infused products. Our Wana products provide these patients with a range of ratios and doses that allow them to dial in their treatment,” said Wana CEO Nancy Whiteman. “We’re also committed to delivering the most inclusive premium options on the market: vegan, gluten-free and made from all-natural ingredients.”

Wana partnered with Clovr, a…

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