What are Acidic Cannabinoids, and How Do They Work? | GreenState

by Newsfeed

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Ever wondered what it would happen if you ate a cannabis plant? Now, you can find out. Acidic cannabinoids (non-intoxicating cannabinoid compounds found in raw, pre-decarboxylated cannabis) are on the market, and they’re way cooler than you think.

Since around 2,000 BCE, cannabis-enthusiasts around the globe have been exploring methods of extraction, concentration, and decarboxylation (i.e. heating cannabis to activate the psychoactive effects.)

However, with more and more people discovering the magic of THC and CBD every year, more people are also discovering the adverse effects getting high, or even just trying a powerful CBD oil, can produce. For some people, exposure to THC can cause anxiety and hallucinations, and several CBD-users have reported feeling high on products…

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