What’s on the ballot? Some big questions

by Newsfeed

Questions on Maricopa ballots include a local natural gas issue and statewide decisions on marijuana and education funding.

Aside from all the candidates to elect, Maricopa voters have three issues to decide in the General Election.

Two of the issues are statewide questions that are highly divisive. The other is a hyper-local issue regarding natural gas in Maricopa.

Prop 452 (gas)

Proposition 452 is asking Maricopans if they want to give Southwest Gas Corp. a 25-year franchise. The agreement was negotiated by the company and the City of Maricopa. A city council resolution calling for an election on the matter was approved in June.

As worded, it gives Southwest Gas use of the city rights of way for utility purposes for up to 25 years. The company has been supplying gas in Maricopa since…

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