What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? | Agriculture News

by Newsfeed

Jenkins is a longtime advocate of allowing legal production and processing of hemp, and edited a 2016 book, “The Return of an Ancient Partner,” that describes hemp’s history and uses.

He told the Hub no one had heard of CBD (cannabinol) 10 years ago until it was discovered by hemp growers in Colorado as part of search to help a child suffering from seizures.

“We have all this ditch weed in Nebraska and we don’t know much about the chemical makeup,” Jenkins said about wild hemp. “…We know hemp is well-suited to this climate and these soils.”

Although it can be sensitive to dry conditions, especially when it’s time to germinate, he said, “It will grow right through a snowbank. If it sprouts, it grows.”

Jenkins said a lot of hemp was grown in Iowa during World War II because…

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