Who paid to bring down the medical marijuana ballot petition hidden from public | Law

by Newsfeed

“One thing I can tell you, I can assure you 100%, hand on the Bible with my lawyer oath to tell the truth, that no public or taxpayer dollars were expended for purposes of that litigation,” Fahleson said.

Wagner said he reviewed the challenge to ensure he wasn’t signing on to something contrary to what he thought. The attorneys took it from there, he said.

Wagner said as a public servant whose job is to enforce existing laws, he can express opinions about ballot initiatives on work time.

“I’ve testified against it (medical marijuana legalization) on work time,” he said. “On this particular issue, (I spent) a little time, but not much, reading the legal documents that were prepared.”

Part of his job, he said, is to review potential state statutes, and he testifies in front of the Legislature all the time.

His objection to…

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