Worm Study Shows CBD Science Has a Way to Go: Cannabis Weekly

by Newsfeed

(Bloomberg) — Canopy Growth Corp. just completed one of the first major studies on the lifelong effects of CBD use and found it lengthens life and increases activity in old age — well, in worms.

While the results were promising, the use of organisms with two-week lifespans shows just how hard the industry is working to try and keep up with demand for hard science, which has been outpaced by consumer hype. After all, CBD is already used by millions of people around the world for conditions like insomnia and anxiety, and there’s been little research in humans on its long-term safety or even its effectiveness.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said this past week that the substance’s varying effects on men and women will influence its regulation, but has yet to lay out just how. For now, that’s leaving…

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