Your New Favorite Bed Sheets Are Made of Hemp

by Newsfeed

Hemp is in. The less-famous strain of cannabis sativa won’t get you high, but it is lauded by environmentalists for its sustainability and health benefits. How to get in on it? Sleep.

Buffy, a direct-to-consumer bedding company known for an especially cool comforter, recently launched a line of hemp bedding, which they prop up as a softer, more environmentally friendly alternative to flax linen, a warm weather bedding classic. Hemp products are non-toxic, biodegradable and renewable (plus, as a crop, it doesn’t require herbicides). Additionally, hemp is a phytoremediation plant, which means they reinvigorate soil and clean the air. As far as sleep goes, it’s soft, breathable and extra durable.

The reason we haven’t seen much of it yet can be traced back to a 1937 law that made hemp a narcotic drug. Despite…

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